What the Parish Council owns

Wilbarston Parish Council has several assets including its bank account and the clerk's laptop, printer and some other basic office equipment.

Bus Shelters - stone bus shelter on Carlton Road

Village Sign located at the Village Green, School Lane

Notice Board - on Main Street by the Village Green

Grit Bins - the Parish Council owns and maintains 4 grit bins; 1 x by the village green next to the telephone box opposite the post office, asset no 2082 on Barlows Lane outside no 10, asset no 589 on Barlows Lane opposite no 20, asset no 590 on Rushton Road beyond the tunnel by Dallacre Farm, plus 1 Private box on the private road Orchard Close. There are five other grit bins in the village are the property of North Northamptonshire Council, Kettering.

Street Name Plates -4 cast metal Golden Jubilee street name plates at the crossroads dated 2002.

Plaques -2 jubilee plaques, 2012 and 2022, on The Fox Public House plus a further 2 King Charles III Coronation Commemorative Plaques on the village sign

Benches - there are 3 benches owned/maintained by Wilbarston Parish Council, village seat on the village green, memorial bench installed in 2023 on the green on Queens Road in memory of Tony Hill and the picnic bench at the playing field. There is a further bench owned by the Church donated by Wilbarston Parish Council.

Trees - 3 in the churchyard, 2 apple trees and 1 walnut tree planted as part of the Queen's Green Canopy project. An Elm tree planted in recognition the 38 years service (1983 - 2021) given to Wilbarston by Lawrence A Dale as councillor and long standing chairman of Wilbarston Parish Council

Speed Indicator Devices - The Parish Council owns two Speed Indicator Devices, one, sometimes both, are shared for use at neighbouring parishes

Defibrilators - 3 x defibrillators & cabinets. Phone Box on Village Green, Village Hall (outside the front door), Rushton Road (opposite entrance to Springfield Road)

Hand Bells x 10 with RMW

War Memorial in the Churchyard

Telephone Kiosk (used to house one of the parish defibrillators)

Playing Field - a portion of the playing field is owned by Wilbarston Parish Council, mowed by North Northamptonshire Council

Village Green - Part owned by Wilbarston Parish Council, mowed by North Northamptonshire Council, Wilbarston Parish Council plant and maintain the flower beds

Gates - the galvanised gate at the Playing Field

Tennis Nets, Five a Side Post and Nets, Netball Post and Nets, Floodlights

Assets of Community Value

Wilbarston Village Hall (application submitted for a community asset transfer) - A leasehold building managed on behalf of the council by the village hall management committee. Wilbarston Parish Council is the custodian trustee meaning it has no role to play in the day-to-day management of the charity or its property. In May 2023 Wilbarston Parish Council resolved to take on the village hall and grounds as a Community Asset Transfer. Utilizing North Northamptonshire Council or alternative contractors for the maintenance.

The Fox Public Inn is officially registered as an Asset of Community Value

The Village Shop, Milking Parlour Tea Rooms and Post Office (not registered)

Wilbarston CofE Primary School (not registered) - The school is formed across two buildings, the old school and the new school. The original school building was built in 1845

All Saints Church Wilbarston - The church & churchyard is owned by the church commissioners

Allotments (not registered) - Rushton Road - half of this land is maintained by Wilbarston Parish Council, the other half is owned and maintained by North Northants Council/highways. The allotment land at Church Street is leased by Wilbarston Parish Council

Welland Wanderer Bus Service - A formal scheduled community service organised by Wilbarston Parish Council in conjunction with other PC's in the Welland Valley where there is there is no other means of public transport in the village. It was a pilot stop gap project introduced when an old service ceased and was only intended as a temporary service until a permanent solution was offered by North Northamptonshire Council.

Owned/maintained by North Northamptonshire Council

Litter/Dog Waste Bins - North Northamptonshire Council owns and maintains 8 litter bins: xxx plus ? additional litter bins on the playing field plus 4 bins specifically for dog waste (at ?).

Street Lighting - 64 x street lights are maintained by North Northampton - Kettering division, 7 on Barlows Lane, 7 on Carlton Road, 2 on Chapel Lane, 4 on Church Street, 3 on Main Street, 2 on Kendalls Close, 8 on Queens Road/Queens Close, 7 on Rushton Road, 6 on School Lane, 3 on Scotts Lane, 5 on Springfield, 3 on Dallacre Drive, 1 on Winsor Close, 6 on Weinahr Close/public footpath/bridle path.

Bridges - 3 wooden bridges over the boundary stream: HH2 wooden replacement bridge for the ancient stone clapper bridge; bridge HH13 on footpath from Barlows Lane to Stoke Albany; bridge on HH26 off Brig Lane below the allotments.

In addition there are three road bridges. Two over the boundary stream below the church and by the school. The third road bridge is on the Rushton Road beyond the tunnel.

It is assumed that the bridge over the boundary stream in Brig lane is the responsibility of the Rockingham Castle Estates.

Queens Road Garages

Gates/Stile - Gate (Kissing gate) at road end of HH3 presumed owned by North Northamptonshire Council. Two stiles on HH14, one at the Barlows lane end the other at the Springfield Road end of HH14 both owned and repaired by North Northamptonshire Council. The gate by Church Leas HH3 near the school was replaced about 8 years ago as was the stile into Dallacre estate HH14.

Traditional Finger Post - Highways/North Northamptonshire Council owned but Wilbarston Parish Council has repaired it, located in a conservation area.

Skate Ramp/Play Area/MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) - The MUGA is owned by North Northants, Kettering and leased to and maintained by Wilbarston Parish Council

Grit Bins - the following five grit bins are the property of North Northamptonshire Council, Kettering; asset no 592 Scots Lane/Rushton Road, asset no 591 Rushton Road/Springfield Rd, asset no 593 opposite the churchyard gate, near Weinahr Close, asset no 594 at the top of Brig Lane, asset no 2087 on the outside corner of Queens Road. Wilbarston Parish Council owns and maintains four other grit bins on the village green by telephone kiosk, two on Barlows Lane, and one on Rushton Road beyond the tunnel by Dallacre Farm.

Street Name Plates - 23 street name plates owned by North Northamptonshire Council

Benches - 5 owned and maintained by North Northamptonshire Council. 1 bench on the village Green and 1 at the corner of Lower Queens Road by All Saints Terrace Carlton Road. 1 by the village hall at the back and 2 in the play area.

Land - Playing Field - This majority of the playing field is owned and maintained by North Northamptonshire Council. There is a small section owned by Wilbarston Parish Council, Village Green - Part owned by North Northamptonshire Council, mowed by North Northamptonshire Council, Wilbarston Parish Council plant and maintain the flower beds, Land adjacent to Rushton Road allotments, Two triangles of land at Queen's Road, Open space All Saints terrace/Carlton Road