Help! Are you feeling the pinch?

The Rural Services Network is wanting as many people as possible to answer a simple survey on the cost of living in rural areas. This will enable it to have facts when negotiating with government and other authorities. Rural Areas are too often forgotten in favour of towns so this survey will help them to have a voice. Results from the survey will build on the Rural Cost of Living research commissioned last year and help in the lobbying of Government Departments, MPs and other policy makers for a fairer deal for rural communities.
Please respond to this survey; it may benefit us in the long run:
In particular the comments are wanted of "hard-to-reach" rural residents, i.e. those without access to the internet or the skills to engage with services online. The survey can be completed multiple times on the same device, so people without the internet will be able to use the devices of others for this.

Posted: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 16:13 by Becky Jones

Tags: Cost Of Living, Help For Households