Warm Spaces Scheme - Corby Library

As you may be aware, Corby Library is a designated Warm Space. This means people can drop in during opening hours to spend time here for FREE. We have books to read, board games to play, free Wi-Fi and more. With energy bills going up, it's good to know there are places to go which are warm and you can spend time without having to spend money. We are open 9-6 Monday to Friday, and usually 9-5 on Saturdays, although this Saturday is Christmas Eve and we are open 9-2. There are various other Warm Spaces around town, and we've attached some information. There's also lots of information here including a map: https://www.northnorthants.gov.uk/cost-living/warm-spaces

Posted: Mon, 19 Dec 2022 19:56 by Becky Jones

Tags: Corby library, community, cost of living, warm space