New Locally Identified Priorities for Kettering and Kettering Rural

To help tackle local crime and anti-social behaviour concerns, Northamptonshire Police invites people living and working across the county to complete a short survey and share their views about any issues affecting their local community.

The findings from the survey, together with local crime statistics and information from partner agencies, help identify the issues that will form the focus of NPT's work in the following months.

These 'locally identified priorities (LIPs)' are based on the issues that are of most concern in that particular area.

The three local priorities from 1 December until the end of March 2023, will be:


  • Road Safety
  • Drug Dealing/Misuse
  • Burglary

To share your thoughts and feedback for the next set of LIPs where you live or work, visit our survey here:

Posted: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 08:05 by Becky Jones

Tags: Community, Police