A Neighbourhood Plan for Wilbarston

A Neighbourhood Plan for Wilbarston

The Parish Council Advisory Group (local volunteers) who came together after a public meeting earlier this year to investigate a Wilbarston Neighbourhood Plan now proposes that Wilbarston goes ahead for the whole Parish area. We believe that Wilbarston people should have a say in the future of our village, how it looks, how it is developed, how it grows with changing times, what services it can provide for, whilst ensuring the heritage and core essence of the village is protected.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a right for communities to draw up Neighbourhood Plans (N Ps) that can become part of the formal planning framework for their area (in this case, North Northamptonshire). Once adopted, our Neighbourhood Plan will have statutory clout.

Neighbourhood Plans allow for local people to plan for development to meet their community's needs within the wider local area; they allow people to come together and say what their area needs. Communities can use their N P to create a vision for their area, establishing planning policies for the development and use of land – for example: where new homes should be built and what types of materials should be used, or where public open space should be located and how it will be maintained. N Ps must conform with national planning policy and North Northants' Core Strategy.

Why should Wilbarston develop a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Planning enables a community to play a much stronger role in shaping the areas in which they live and work. Unlike our existing Parish Plan, it will form part of the statutory Local Plan. Decisions on local planning applications will be made using both the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan. Neighbourhood Planning allows Wilbarston to set out a positive vision for how it wants our community to develop over the next 10 - 20 years in ways that make sense for local people.

Community Investment

The Advisory Group will drive the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Wilbarston by gathering information, looking at options, considering activities and then implementing decisions formulated from community feedback. But the wider investment is for you, the community itself, to engage with the project. There will be events organised, the first one in March, which Wilbarston people should attend because it is the views, thoughts and ideas of residents that will shape this Plan, (not the views of the Advisory Group nor of the Parish Council).

Keep an eye out for updates in the Chronicle, and on posters and flyers for more information. Unless you, the community is involved this project will not succeed.

Financial Investment:

Consultants A consultant will need to be employed at a later stage to ensure our plan meets legal and policy requirements. He would help in preparing a draft plan and in guiding it through various necessary processes. (Grants are available to cover this.)

Local Funding. Based on the recent experiences of other villages, up to £2,000 might be required over a two-year period to meet costs of the process which are not eligible for grant funding. Initially this would involve the Parish Council preceptingfor £1,000 in 2023/24.

Where you come in? Please do take part in any events organised. Let the Advisory Group know YOUR ideas; we expect some lively debates as the plan is developed. A Neighbourhood Plan must show that its residents have been involved with its development; it must secure the consent of local people in a Parish referendum.

Once the Plan is approved, the specific policies in Wilbarston's Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that all development within the parish takes place in a way that meets the expressed wishes of its people.

Contact: wilbosteeringgroup@gmail.com

Posted: Tue, 08 Nov 2022 20:49 by Becky Jones

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