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A14 junctions 3, 4, 7 and 8: essential maintenance and refurbishment works

Highways England will be carrying out essential maintenance and refurbishment work along the A14 between junctions 3, 4, 7 and 8 – Rothwell and Kettering from 1 June 2021. At junctions 3, 7 and 8, Highways England will resurface the carriageway and the exit and entry slip roads, refresh road markings, renew road studs, replace damaged ironworks, clean gullies and replace some traffic signs.

These works will take place on the following dates:

1-7 June Junction 8 westbound entry A14 no full closure

8-16 June Junction 7 westbound exit & A14 full closure on 10,11 entry and 15 June

17 June – 1 July Junction 3 westbound exit A14 full closure on 28-30 June including A6 over junction 3

19 July – 9 August Junction 7 eastbound exit A14 full closure on 29 July

At junction 4, Highways England will resurface the footway along the entry slip road along with clearance of the vegetation that is encroaching on the footway. This work will take place on the following dates:

2-16 July Junction 4 eastbound entry A14 no full closure

During this timetable of works they will be incorporating part of another scheme to upgrade and improve the existing emergency diversion routes along the A14, in this case, specifically at junction 7. With the installation of new trigger signs, and, replace those that are worn. Also attaching new sign plates to existing signs and update signs using adhesive patches. Combining these works will save both time and money and prevent a series of road closures in a short time period thereby reducing the inconvenience to road users.

To minimise disruption to the community and road users, works will be carried out overnight while the road is less busy.

Once the works are completed, all road users will benefit from improved road safety and a smoother carriageway and footway.

When will the work take place?

Work is due to start on Tuesday 1 June 2021 and is scheduled for completion by early August 2021.

For further information please contact Highways England Customer Centre

Email: info@highwaysengland.co.uk

Telephone: 0300 123 5000

Twitter: @HighwaysEMIDS

Posted: Mon, 08 Mar 2021 13:28 by Becky Jones

Tags: Community, Maintenance, Road Works