Parish Council Vacancy

As a result of the resignation of Cllr Georgina Royle a vacancy has arisen on the parish council. Formal notice will be given on 28 February and following a stipulated period either an election will be called, if requested by sufficient electors, or the council will be able to co-opt. Either way there will be the opportunity for another resident to become a part of the parish council.

This is an ideal time to get involved. With the likely changes in Northamptonshire which will see the county and district/borough councils replaced by unitary authorities the town and parish councils will remain in place but almost certainly with increased responsibilities and thus higher profiles. As a part of those changes we know that those town and parish councils will be due for re-election in May 2020 so there is the chance to be involved for what could prove to be one very interesting year.

If any resident is interested please contact any member of the parish council for more information.

Posted: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 18:22 by Becky Jones

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