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Council negotiations launch new pilot rural bus service

Wilbarston Parish Council has reached an agreement with affected parishes along the Welland Valley and Lawson's of Corby Ltd to pilot a new rural bus service serving Corby and Market Harborough from the villages of Ashley, Weston by Welland, Sutton Bassett, Wilbarston, East Carlton, Middleton, Cottingham, Rockingham and Gretton.

The communities faced losing their bus route entirely after recent Northamptonshire County Council budget cuts leaving many residents vulnerable, isolated and unable to make necessary medical appointments or visits to friends and family.

Following negotiations between Council officers, locally elected members, Northamptonshire Highways and Lawson's of Corby Ltd the new two day a week pilot bus service has been agreed and will service Welland Valley West to Market Harborough on Tuesdays and Welland Valley East to Corby on Fridays.

The new timetable operates a two day a week service with a couple of hours stop over time for medical appointments, weekly shopping, access to transport links etc.

Cllr Nick Richards, Chairman for Wilbarston Parish Council said: "Wilbarston Parish Council understands that Northamptonshire County Council Highways cuts were made on a commercial basis but it also recognises the value of public transport within the rural communities and the impact that ending bus provision to the Welland Valley would have on those communities."

"Whilst passenger numbers on these routes were small they are hugely important services to the people that do use them as they often have no alternative. Therefore we have been supporting local elected members to work with Wilbarston Parish Council to achieve a proposal which enables a pilot service to be delivered and hopefully present a case for the validity of this new focused service."

"The reduction in bus route subsidies is a wider issue of concern to rural areas across England and the Council will continue to work alongside bus operators to minimise the impact of any such future proposals, particularly in our rural areas."

The new Welland Wander pilot bus service will see one round trip to Market Harborough per week starting from Cottingham, Middleton, East Carlton, Wilbarston, Ashley, Weston by Welland and Sutton Bassett and one round trip to Corby per week starting from the villages of Wilbarston through to East Carlton, Middleton, Cottingham, Rockingham and Gretton.

The new service for Welland East will come into operation on Friday 9th November and Welland West on Tuesday 13th November.

There are no services on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Public Bank Holidays

Posted: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 20:20 by Becky Jones

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