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Wilbarston in an Emergency

Posted: Sat, 10 Mar 2018 07:58 by Becky Jones

A massive fire, an explosion in a large passing vehicle or premises, deep snowfall and drifts cutting the village off from local towns, motor or other accidents, a serious motor accident perhaps involving two passenger coaches, an aircraft crash, major storms with roads cut off and power lost. No one knows what emergency will happen or when so it is best to BE PREPARED.

The Parish Council is considering having an EMERGENCY PLAN. This would be updated annually with copies on the parish website, parish notice board, and other publicly available locations in the village.

This would be a VILLAGE emergency plan for and by the village.

Although there are official emergency services, these might not be able to reach the village; the village would need to react whilst awaiting them and be able to assist them when they arrive them.

So, what would the Emergency plan contain? Below are some ideas:

In addition, people could help in visiting vulnerable people (elderly, sick, disabled, housebound, parents with young children) to check on their situation and help.

If you think an emergency plan is a sensible idea, if you have skills or equipment you could volunteer, if you have ideas as to what it should / could contain, please contact Parish Councillors David James 9 Scotts Lane davejames@me.com (01536) 770066 or Rosalind Willatts 2 Barlows Lane, rmwillatts@uwclub.net (01536) 770875

A meeting can then be arranged (perhaps in the Fox PH) to mindmap ideas and work out how to develop the plan.

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