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Devolution for Northamptonshire

Posted: Wed, 03 Jan 2018 13:50 by Becky Jones

There have been recent discussions about re-organising the local government structure in this county. Our county MPs share the view that the County may be best served by a two hub unitary model – one hub in the north of the county and the other in the west.

The current format of seven district councils [aka boroughs], together with the county council, has been in place since 1974. Each of the seven districts and the county council has its own premises, operational and support staff, managers and chief executives. Some of the services delivered are unique to each authority, but there are some service areas which overlap.

The over-riding logic behind unitary authorities is saving money by reducing duplication in staffing, premises and service deliveries. Bring on unitary status for our county then - actually it is not a simple transfer model.

If a unitary model is adopted in this county, there would need to be a very careful skills audit of all of the current local authority staff, to ensure that essential services were able to be maintained, without interruption, in the [new] consolidated authority. Once established all parishes and residents, living in the north of the county, would communicate with their [northern] unitary hub.

Massive savings are possible and opportunities may filter down for parishes to run some basic maintenance services, like grass cutting and street cleaning. Will this happen soon – unlikely in the next four years, but it is on the agenda.

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